This section has a list of website links and books you may find useful


Recommended Websites

For more information on educational courses in the field of Companion Animal Behaviour go to the Centre for Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) by clicking the logo

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For more information on the CAPBT (COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers), the association I am a member of, please click on the logo.

For more information on ICAN  (International Companion Animal Network), please click on the logo


If you are a client of Hook Norton Veterinary Group,

click on the logo to visit our website


For Dog Training advice and the DVD's and Books they provide, try visiting Dr Ian Dunbar's Dog Star Daily website

For general cat advice covering many aspects of cat care, please visit International Cat Care by clicking this link.

I support the Yellow Dog Project. This project was created to raise awareness for dogs that need space while training, during illness or recovering from surgery. It can also be useful for those dogs who feel threatened by other dogs or strangers. The yellow ribbons, jackets and bandana's they  provide, indicate to other people that your dog needs space and that they should maintain their distance. Click on the link for more information

If you would like to volunteer your pet to help with current behavioural research projects (none of which will impact your pet's welfare in any way), please visit the link to the right for Lincoln University Behavioural Clinic then click on the 'New Study' link.

The link to the right is for the Blue Dog Organisation. It is a Dog Bite Education Tool with dog ownership advice

IIf you need any legal advice regarding Dog Law, please visit Cooper & Co. Solicitors, specialists in Dog Law

Recommended Books

Dog Behaviour and Training


Barry Eaton. Dominance: Fact or Fiction


Val Strong.

  • Can He Do the Ironing? A Guide to Training a Canine Home Help.

  • The Dog's Brain: A Simple Guide

  • The Dog's Dinner


Ray Coppinger. Dogs: A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behaviour and Evolution


Dr Peter Neville. Do Dogs Need Shrinks?

...... and other titles


Anna Patfield. The Good Dog Diet: Helping You Steer Through the Dog Food Maze.


Sarah Whitehead.

Clever Dog

Puppy Training for Kids

....and other titles


Helen Zulch and Professor Daniel Mills. Puppy Life Skills: Laying the Foundation for a Loving Lasting Relationship


Jean Donaldson. The Culture Clash.

....and many more titles


Dr Ian Dunbar

Before and After Getting Your Puppy

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

.....and many more titles and DVD's


Karen Pryor

Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training.

Clicker Training Your Cat

Clicker Training for Dogs: Positive Reinforcement That Works!

and many more titles......

Cat Behaviour


Dr Peter Neville. Do Cat's Need Shrinks

....and other titles


Celia Haddon. One Hundred Ways to a Happy Cat 

....and many more titles


Sarah Whitehead. How to Speak Cat


Sarah Heath. Why Does My Cat?

...and other titles

Dog and Cat Behaviour and Other Species Behaviour


Peter Neville, Val Strong & Robert Falconer-Taylor.

EMRA Intelligence: The Revolutionary New Approach to Treating Behaviour Problems in Dogs


Kathie Gregory. A Tale of Two Horses: A Passion For Free-Will Teaching.


Celia Haddon

One Hundred Ways to a Happy Rabbit

and many more titles .....


Virginia Morrell. Animal Wise: The Thoughts and Emotions of Animals